Welcome MRJ

Dear members of the Academia, Researchers

Matsyodari Research Journal is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, multilingual journal published quarterly with a procedure involving at-least two reviewers. The journal is committed towards publishing scholarly, empirical, theoretical research articles as well as case studies that have a high impact education/academic field as a whole. The objective of the journal is to provide an online publishing platform for the academia, researchers, thinkers and students to publish their original works internationally.

The journal is working under the aegis of Matsyodari Shikshan Sansth’s, Arts, Science and Commerce College, Ambad is a nonprofit education organisation working towards the promotion of education. It is also created to recognize abilities and acknowledge achievements of all, ranging from academic research and professional communities in a wide range of topics in Management, Science, Technology, Arts and Commerce. Society has been successfully working towards the achievement of above mentioned objectives. Through International Journal of Research in Science, Social Science, Humanities, Management, Matsyodari Education Society seeks to accomplish its objective.

The journal particularly favors Interdisciplinary research and cross-functional issues as well as cross-cultural investigations which helps in building society in direct or indirect way globally. The Journal takes a broad view of science, social science, humanities and management and encourages submissions from other disciplines if they contribute significantly to problems considered by managers and researchers. Qualitative methodologies and case-based studies are also welcome. Through the MRJ pages, one will acquire a taste of the pluralism in the educational and research developments internationally. The Editorial Board comprises rich People of academics.

All of you are, therefore, most welcome to be partners with us for the development of the Academia and Society. Our slogan is: "Shahane Karun Sodave Sakaljan", which highlights our commitment to continuous support throughout society. Looking for a long association with you all